Protect your skin from the sun

UV Protection window film Salt Lake City

In Salt Lake City, auto film can provide one of the best ways to protect your skin from the sun. The delightfully high altitude and plentiful sunshine are two of the things residents most enjoy about this beautiful city, but both of those things can wreak havoc on your skin in terms of UV exposure. (The sun is that much stronger at high altitudes because it has less atmosphere to get through.)

These days, pretty much everyone is aware of the dangers of ultra violet radiation on their skin. It causes premature aging, wrinkling, unsightly age spots, and worst of all, potentially deadly skin cancers. But not everyone is aware that UV exposure is dangerous even in small doses, because it has a cumulative effect. And hardly anyone is aware that your skin is collecting this UV exposure even while driving in the car, right through the glass windows. For residents in Salt Lake City, auto film that blocks UVA and UVB rays might just be the perfect solution.

Have you ever considered how many hours of your life are spent in your vehicle? If you really think about it, it is not surprising that skin cancers and age spots occur much more frequently on the left side of a driver’s face than on the right side. With UV block auto window film, your face is protected. It’s also a fantastic advantage for your kids, to start blocking their accumulation of UV ray damage at an early age. Salt Lake City, auto film just makes good sense.

absolute-perfection_air80_sideview window film salt lake city

UV block auto window film is affordable, applied quickly, and requires no maintenance or updating. It simply goes to work blocking those dangerous rays and saving your skin.

Here at Window Film Salt Lake City, auto film like the type we are discussing is just one of our line of vehicle window films. We also have a film that effectively blocks heat gain through your car’s windows. This is a boon for anyone who has to drive in the hot summer sun, and an even bigger boon for anyone who has to park their vehicle in direct sun as well.

We also offer Salt Lake City auto film that is applied to the front end of your vehicle, to protect the paint finish from road hazards, debris and rocks, chips and scratches, dulling from chemicals, etc. This product helps you keep your vehicle looking new and its resale value high.

For more information about any of our line of auto films, please contact Window Film Salt Lake City today.