Mirror Shield: The Clear Alternative To Mirror Replacement In Salt Lake City

Save Money Replacing Vandalized Mirrors With Mirror Shield

Mirror Graffiti–we are sure you have seen it, even here is sleepy Salt Lake City. Restaurants, schools, malls, stadiums and every other public place with a bathroom in them likely have mirrors. It is ugly and all too common and, sadly, impossible to remove. That’s right, once a mirror is marked with scratch with graffiti scrawling, the mirror will never look the same again. Because, in order to remove the markings, one must actually sand or scratch the mirror resulting in worse clarity than before. The mirror will never be the same and must be thrown away–wasteful and expensive. However, Graffiti Shield has changed the game by finally bringing an incredible solution to mirror graffiti called Mirror Shield. It is a cost-effective way to battle existing or repeat vandalism of the mirrors and one every commercial property owner should know about!

What is Mirror Shield And How Does It Protect My Salt Lake City Property?

Mirror Shield is a fully reflective thick film that goes over your mirrors before or after graffiti and protects them from damage. It is 100% opaque and gives no view of a marked surface below. This means a mirror with graffiti goes from ugly to pristine once more. Since mirrors are often found in restrooms which are hard to monitor, vandals have plenty of time to damage to the surface with scratching, etching, stickers, other forms of graffiti. Since a mirror is useless after it is vandalized mirror graffiti is an expensive problem to have. However, with mirror shield, the defaced surface is easily covered for a fraction of what total mirror replacement would cost and in less than an hour. Your bathroom will be back to its old good looking self in a day. A good idea since a fast response to graffiti dramatically lowers the likelihood it will happen again since vandals want targets where their graffiti will stay longer. Like all of our Graffiti Shield products, Mirror Shield can only be pulled off by a trained specialist, like ours at Window Film Salt Lake City. *Mirror Shield never leaves any adhesive residue behind.

For more information on Mirror Shield watch the video below

Window Film Salt Lake City For Graffiti Solutions 

Here at Window Film Salt Lake City, we are certified to install Mirror Shield and other Graffiti Shield products in the area.  We also can also offer Graffiti Shield solutions for custom flat surfaces that are harder to protect. Contact us today for a free consultation and to learn more about our revolutionary Graffiti Shield line.


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