Affordable Ways to Add Privacy to Your Salt Lake City Office Space Using Window Film

affordable privacy window film salt lake city

Working collaboratively has some major benefits. Tasks are completed faster, people come up with better ideas, and things run more efficiently all around. It’s no wonder that most businesses today prefer an open office layout. But the only downside to a collaborative office is that privacy is practically non-existent.

The good news is this is an issue that’s easy to solve. And one that doesn’t require a whole lot of expense on your behalf. By installing privacy window film for your Salt Lake City office, you can create the privacy your employees and clients need.

How Much Does Privacy Window Tint Cost?

Unlike custom blinds and decorative glass, privacy window film is relatively affordable. Costs for privacy window film in Salt Lake City usually run about $6-12 per square foot. But custom designs may cost slightly more.

Brilliant Ways to Add Privacy Window Film to Your Office

Could your office benefit from a little extra privacy? Here are some affordable ways you can incorporate privacy window film into your work space.

1. Eliminate distraction by adhering window film to cubicles.
It can be hard to focus if you’re surrounded by distractions. Installing privacy window film for the glass wall cubicles in your office will help your employees stay focused.

2. Give your conference room a makeover.
Do you meet with your clients or employees on a regular basis? You may want to consider adding a custom branded window film to your conference room. Installing a branded window film will not only create privacy and help everyone feel more comfortable, but it will also increase your brand visibility. Now that’s smart marketing.

3. Create a luxurious look for your restrooms or locker rooms.
Give your office an elevated look by installing frosted or textured window film for your restrooms or locker rooms. These window films mimic the elegant look of textured glass, but are a much cheaper solution.

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