The Importance of Installing Ballistic Resistance Window Film in Salt Lake City Government Buildings8

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As terrorist attacks and shootings are becoming more and more common across the country, many government organizations are buckling down on security. Security has to, and should be, held to the highest standards in order to keep government employees and the general public safe.

That’s why many government organizations are turning to a new type of security method: ballistic resistant window film. Ballistic resistant window film can help protect Salt Lake City government facilities from terrorist attacks, accidents, and bomb blasts, and other severe dangers.

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How to Use Ballistic Resistant Window Film to Improve Security

Traditional security methods like alarms and patrol guards are great. They’ve been popular security methods for years because they work pretty well. But in some cases they’re not enough. Alarms can be disarmed and it’s impossible for guards to be in every place at once.

Using ballistic resistant window film as a fail safe is a great way to make sure your building security is covered in all aspects. Ballistic resistant window film strengthens glass and improves its shatter resistance. When hit with a harsh force, the film absorbs energy and holds cracked glass in place. That way, glass shards don’t go flying across the building, injuring employees and damaging furniture. It’s smart and it’s effective.

How Effective Is Ballistic Resistant Window Film?

Ballistic resistant window film systems vary in their level of effectiveness depending on the type of system that’s used. Some security window films operate only at a minimal level, but can be useful for simple things like deterring intruders.

Others, like C-Bond window film systems, are far more advanced. C-Bond window film systems have been government tested and approved for ballistic protection. Case studies have proven them able to hold up against wind speeds up to 140 mph and multiple gunshots. Learn more: bomb-blast-window-film

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