Window film for your commercial space

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With the installation of high-performance commercial window film, Salt Lake City businesses of all kinds can receive a variety of intriguing benefits. Many business owners have heard of energy saving window film, but we have many other films that might be of use as well. Our films are appropriate for offices, shops, salons, hotels, restaurants and bars, laboratories, factories, showrooms, warehouses, and just about any other commercial space you might own.

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of commercial window film Salt Lake City business owners and property managers might be interested in.

1. Security or loss prevention: With this type of commercial window film, Salt Lake City commercial properties can add another level of protection to any alarm system they might already have. This product comes in varying thicknesses, and the top strength product will make your windows near shatter proof. Any burglars and vandals are likely to give up in disgust when they find they cannot smash your windows or gain entry to your premises in this fashion.


2. Energy efficiency: With this type of commercial window film, Salt Lake City thrifty business owners can save money on heating and cooling costs, summer and winter. The energy saving film creates substantially greater thermal efficiency for any glass windows, exterior walls, or doors. The more windows, or the larger the glass surfaces, the greater the savings. Energy films lower your carbon footprint by blocking heat gain all summer and heat loss all winter. With the Salt Lake climate, the savings can be substantial.

3. Decorative window film: With this type of commercial window film, Salt Lake City shops, salons, showrooms, restaurants, and hotels can get a quick and affordable style upgrade. We could talk on and on about our line of decorative window film products, but the best way to really get the idea about this product is to see it. Click here to see some examples of what decorative window film can do. Be sure to scroll down the page until you find our virtual decorative film viewer, which can show you what these films will look like once installed in your space. Decorative window film can also be customized with a logo or message, to make use of your windows for advertising purposes. All we need is a digital file of the logo or text you would like included.

Our line also includes privacy window film, anti-graffiti window film, and a bomb blast window film that we hope you won’t need, but that can save many lives in case of an explosion.

For more information or a quote for any window film project, please contact us today.