The Solution to Tagging/Scratching Problems


Metal Repair & Mirror Repair Anti-Graffiti Films: the Solution to Tagging/Scratching Problems

When it comes to graffiti, Salt Lake City businesses have as much trouble as they do in all cities around the country. And since Salt Lake is such a beautiful place, graffiti can really ruin the look of a shop or other type of business. Business owners everywhere are looking for simple solutions that won’t break the bank when it comes to solving graffiti problems. They are particularly difficult to solve when it comes to ruined or defaced metal surfaces and mirrors, which are easily scratched or etched by graffiti vandals using sharp implements or even acids. Mirror repair or metal repair will not be possible, because this kind of damage cannot be washed off. It leaves the surfaces permanently disfigured.
A sacrificial anti-graffiti film can be the perfect, affordable solution.

Anti-Graffiti Film Offers Metal Repair for Tagging/Scratching Problems
graffiti on elevator shield
If you have a metal wall, sign, or other metal surface that has been scratched or tagged by graffiti, an anti -graffiti film can be placed right over the damaged surface. These films can come in finishes that match the original appearance, so no one will know it is anything other than a smooth, polished metal surface. With this type of metal repair for tagging, the film can be easily removed if necessary. For instance, if more graffiti occurs. Then a brand new film can be applied.

Anti-Graffiti Film Offers Mirror Repair for Tagging/Scratching Problems
graffiti on mirror
Nothing looks worse than a scratched or tagged mirror, whether it’s in the restroom of a lovely restaurant or a busy concert hall or arena. Replacing mirrors can be extremely expensive, and even after they’ve been replaced, there’s always the threat that they will be tagged again. But with anti-graffiti film for mirror repair, tagging and scratching don’t have to affect your mirrors any more. This film has a surface that is mirrored, but sturdy enough to absorb any damage a graffiti vandal might inflict on it. If that happens, simply have the film removed and fresh film installed, at a fraction of the cost of new mirrors. Mirror repair anti-graffiti film is preventative in nature. Why not have it installed before your property is ruined?
Many business owners turn to us for this type of metal repair or mirror repair after the fact, but protection is always best. Why not put the anti-graffiti film on before your expensive metal finishes are ruined?

For more information about mirror repair or metal repair for tagging, scratching, or etching damage, please contact us at Window Film Salt Lake City today.